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What to Bring

When boarding your pet at Dog Star Canine, your dog must arrive with the following:

  • A leash (PLEASE: no retractable leashes!)
  • A collar (NO choke, pinch, or prong collars are allowed) OR
  • A harness (only if your dog is under 30 pounds)
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccinations from your veterinarian with expiration dates (we appreciate these being faxed to us prior to check-in). Click HERE for details.
  • Any medications. Please include instructions that specify the medication name, dosage amount, and dosage time(s). We would prefer that you use a weekly dosing box labeled with the pet’s first and last name.

We encourage, but do not require, you to bring the following:

  • Your dog’s current food. We are happy to feed our house food, but providing your dog’s normal diet can make him or her feel more at home and can help to prevent an upset tummy while boarding. We do have a fridge and a freezer, so feel free to bring along wet food, additives like cheese, carrots, or ham, or even raw food. Food should be either pre-portioned in baggies, or in a container with clear instructions about meal amounts and times. PLEASE do not bring us the entire bag of food unless your stay is longer than two weeks.
  • Special treats for snack times
  • A favorite toy
  • A bed, blanket, or other item that smells like home.

We supply everything else!

  • Love and attention
  • Meals according to your instructions
  • Raised comfortable beds
  • Midday treats
  • Snacks at lights out

To make boarding reservations, contact us.