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Doggie Daycare!


IMG_1043Your dog needs to socialize and exercise to be happy and healthy. Daycare at Dog Star Canine will provide just that, so your dog comes  home happy and well-exercised.

Doggie Daycare provides contact and socialization with other dogs and people, and prevents the boredom and ensuing behavioral problems that can occur when a dog is left alone for long periods of time.

While at daycare, you can expect your dog to have a fun-filled day of closely-supervised play: wading in the pool, playing on the agility equipment, snacks, drinks and rest times.

For some dogs, daycare on a regular basis may provide too much stimulation. We carefully monitor daycare dogs to make sure that no dog plays too hard or is over-stimulated. We may find that daycare is appropriate for your dog on an intermittent schedule, rather than daily, and will be happy to recommend a day care program that will best meet your dog’s needs.

To make daycare reservations, contact us.