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What Happens at Daycare

Check In, Meet and Greet

Each dog checks in at the front desk, stops at the cubbies to put away their belongings, then proceeds to daycare to meet and greet friends.

7:00am – 12:45pm
Morning Play Session

This is where dogs do what they do best: have fun! Everyone is urged to participate in ball chasing, wrestling, interactive play, socialization, etc.

12:45pm – 3:00pm
Wind Down, Nap Time

The pace naturally slows down at this point.  By 12:45 everyone is in bed and ready for a well deserved rest and snacks.  Lights out, a little music and, by 2:45, all will be ready to go again.

3:00pm – 5:00pm
Afternoon Play Session, Wind Down

Back at it again! This session is generally at a  slower pace.  Some go to the salon for a go-home fresh bath.  Boarders and late pick-ups get dinner.  Some pups want to rest more and some want their bellies rubbed, but the diehards won’t quit until it’s time to go home!

5:00pm – 6:00pm
Quiet Time, Pick-up Time

By 5:00 all those remaining are on their beds, waiting to go home to their loved ones.  The daycare areas are then cleaned and prepped for the next day.

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